About Us

CV. Sumber Prima Sejahtera aluminum and glass contractor experienced in the field of installation services of glass and aluminum products. In pengerjaanya, the company is backed by people who are experienced and experts in the work to uphold the principles and commitment to provide and maintain the best quality.

Sumber Prima Sejahtera, as the company's general contractor has been appointed to build office buildings, shopping centers, showrooms, factories, public facilities and other infrastructure such as hospitals, places of worship and gas stations (gas stations), Airport, Apartment, Hotel, Bizpark, Landmark, Convention building, Mall, University building, Railway station, Bus stop, and Toll Gate, Airport.

We also serve the procurement and use of materials - materials with the latest technologies such as Aluminum Composite Panel brand Alucobond ex. German, Alucopanel ex. Korea, New Alucopan ex. Taiwan, Aluclad ex. Chinese, Indonesian and Maco ex Aluminum Aluminum frames like ex. Indal, HP Metal, Alexindo and YKK.
various types of glass and Stainless Steel and Othersnya material. We are very happy if able to participate in project development Mr / Ms we are waiting for an invitation from Mr. / Ms for further presentations.

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CV. Sumber Prima Sejahtera has a vision to become one of the International Group of Companies are primed and prosperous core business as a contractor and distributor.

This version has a company with aspirations to continue to develop the company into the international arena.


CV. Sumber Prima Sejahtera has a mission that is build and develop team work / team work competent, disciplined, professional, excel or be able to compete and provide the performance and service excellence (excellent), according degan SOP predetermined Companies, Has corporate culture (discipline, persistent , integrity, and spirituality), Building a distribution network and supplier network to dominate the Indonesian market as well as preparing International go and create a good image of the Company.

In the face of current market developments CV. Sumber Prima Sejahtera ensure that all personal have been trained and educated in accordance with their fields to ensure that we always provide professional services.

Organizational structure

President Direktur : Ir. MT. Soesanto MM
Vice President : Ir. Soehardjo Bagjo
Dir. Keuangan : A. Claudia Kumala R
Dir. Operasional : Suharto
Dir. Proyek : Edy Lumanto
Dir. Marketing : Moeljadi Santoso


CV. Sumber Prima Sejahtera is engaged in specialist contractors aluminum and glass which is perusaaan specialist Facade (outer skin) of the building which had been believed to beautify buildings, offices, shopping centers, showrooms, factories, homes and other public facilities such as hospitals, icadah and gas stations (gas stations). The company serves the use of materials such as Aluminum Composite Panel alucobong ex. German, New Alucopan ex. Taiwan, China and Aluminium ex Aluclad as ex Indal Aluminum frames, ex YKK combined with glass and Stainless Steel which gives the impression moderm and elegance.

Head Office :


Jl. I Gusti Ngurah Rai blok E4 no.3 (Perum Purimas) Surabaya
Phone : 031 8794383
Fax : 031 8708352
Hotline : 081 3310 788 59
081 2304 6278
081 850 1815
Website : www.sumberprima.co.id
Email : santo_mt@yahoo.com
Workshop : Medokan Asri Tengah MA2Q20 - Surabaya, East Java

Branch Office :


Jl. Muara Karang Blok K-9 Selatan No. 44, Jakarta Utara
Telp. 021 33733322, Fax. 021 66675929


Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 43 Kediri
Telp. 0354-687301


Jl. Soekarno Hatta (Gg. SMU 4) No. 50 Pasuruan
Telp. 0343-7763673


Jl. Achmad Yani II No. 30 Pemuda - Samarinda
Telp. 0541-7913840, Fax. 7778089


Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 32 Maumere
Telp. 0382-23051


Jl. Pettarani II No. 21 Makasar
Telp. 0411-7316088, 082131201979